On/Off-Grid CIM-1200A/H  
  Overview   |   Technical Data
DC Input (per Channel)
60 / 72 Cell Panel
Recommended Input Power 250W - 330W 48V, 100AH
Operating Input DC Voltage Range 15V - 58V 47V - 58V
Peak Power Performance Range 30V - 58V 48V - 58V
Maximum Input DC Voltage / Current 58V / 9A 58V / 9A
Maximum Input Power 300W 300W
Minimum Starting Voltage 20V 47V
Compatible Solar Panels Most 60-Cell and 72-Cell PV Solar Panels
Compatible Batteries 48V Lead-Acid Deep-Cycle AGM or Lithium-Ion Pack
AC Output
On-Grid, A Port
Off-Grid, H Port
Rated Output Power / Peak Output Power 960W / 1150W 960W / 1150W
Nominal Output Current (RMS) 4A 4A - 8A
Nominal Output Voltage / Range 240V (211V - 264V) 100V - 240V / (10V - 264V)
Nominal Frequency / Range 60Hz (59.3 - 60.5) Hz 60Hz (59.5 - 60.5) Hz
Power Factor / Harmonic Distortion >0.95   (THD < 4%, 2nd Harmonic < 1%)
Compatible Water Heaters or Heating Elements 1KW to 3KW, 240V Heating Elements
Peak Efficiency / Solar MPPT Tracking 96%  /  99%
Mechanical Data
Ambient Temperature Range -40°C to +65°C -40°F to +149°F
Internal Operating Temperature Range -40°C to +88°C -40°F to +190°F
Dimensions w/o mounting bracket (L x H x W) 32cm x 24cm x 5.8cm 12.5" x 9.5" x 2.3"
Weight 6.5 kg 14.25 lbs
Cooling / Enclosure Natural Convection, No Fan / Potted
DC Connectors / AC Connectors MC-4 or Compatible / Wieland RST 3-Conductor
Compliance and Features
Safety and EMC Compliance UL1741 and IEEE1547 (E113426),
CSA 107.1, FCC Part 15 Class A.
NEC 690.12 Rapid Shutdown of PV Systems.
DC Ground Fault Detector Interrupter (GFDI) Built-In
Standard Warranty 3 Years (Extended Warranty Available)
Enclosure Environment Rating / Safety Outdoor, NEMA 6 (IP67) / Transformer Isolated Circuits

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