Off-Grid CI-Mini-1200H1 / H2 Twin Pack
for Electrical Water Heaters
  Overview   |   Technical Data
DC Input (per Channel)
60 Cell Panel
72 Cell Panel
Recommended Input Power 220W - 300W 250W - 330W
Operating Input DC Voltage Range 15V - 48V 20V - 58V
Peak Power Performance Range 30V - 48V 30V - 58V
Maximum Input DC Voltage / Current 58V / 9A 58V / 9A
Maximum Input Power 300W 300W
Minimum Starting Voltage 20V 20V
AC Output
Maximum Output Power / Rated Output Power 1150W / 960W
Maximum Output Current (RMS) 9.5A   (RMS - Root Mean Square)
Nominal Operating AC Output Voltage / Range 100V - 240V   (10V - 264V, Single-Phase)
Nominal Frequency / Range 50Hz / 60Hz   (49.5Hz - 60.5Hz)
Peak Efficiency / MPPT Tracking 96%   (99%)
Mechanical Data
Ambient Temperature Range -40°C to +65°C -40°F to +149°F
Internal Operating Temperature Range -40°C to +88°C -40°F to +190°F
Dimensions w/o mounting bracket (L x H x W) 32cm x 24cm x 5.8cm 12.5" x 9.5" x 2.3"
Weight 6.5 kg 14.25 lbs
Cooling / Enclosure Natural Convection, No Fan / Potted
DC / AC Wire and Connectors 1 and 2 Feet DC Wire, MC-4 Connectors / 4 Feet AC Wire
Features and Compliance
Safety and EMC Compliance UL1741/IEEE1547 (E113426),
CSA 107.1, FCC Part 15 Class A
Compatibility Most 60-cell and 72-cell PV Solar Panels
DC Ground Fault Detector Interrupter (GFDI) Built-In
Standard Warranty 3 Years (Extended Warranty Available)
Enclosure Environment Rating / Safety Outdoor - NEMA 6 / Transformer Isolated Circuits
  The CyboInverter H Model Twin Pack should be used for 2000W-3000W heating elements of dual or single-element electric water heaters, area heaters, hot plates, etc. To power lights, fans, TV, PC, battery chargers, food processors, refrigerators, motors, pumps, air-conditioners, etc., please use regular off-grid CyboInverters.

WARNING: Never connect the Off-Grid CyboInverter to the AC grid. Doing so will damage the unit and void the warranty. Use this inverter for electric heating elements ONLY.

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