CyboEnergy is actively looking for partners that can use CyboInverters as a platform to deliver unique and cost-effective solar systems and solutions in the following applications or market segments:

On-Grid Solar Systems:
  • Residential on-grid solar systems by offering a solar kit and installation services;
  • Commercial on-grid solar systems by offering design, integration, and installation services; and
  • Utility-scale on-grid solar systems with a modular approach.
Off-Grid Solar Systems:
  • Microgrids for rural homes, schools, stores, clinics, churches; etc.
  • Mobile solar power stations;
  • Off-grid solar systems for facilities, camps, and shelters that have no grid power;
  • Solar heating for electric water heaters, area heaters, floor heating, heating processes;
  • Solar cooking, mobile solar kitchen; etc.
  • Solar refrigeration;
  • Solar water pumping;
  • Off-grid solar EV charging stations (with or without batteries); and
  • On-grid and off-grid solar systems for data centers.
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