CyboInverter's unique features and capabilities are ideal for strategic partners, value added resellers, and solar integrators to offer unique and cost-effective solutions by incorporating CyboInverters as a core element. Examples include:

  • Solar PV Water Heating with CyboInverter H model or using the products offered by CyboEnergy’s strategic partners.
  • 1KW to 5KW off-grid solar systems for areas where on-grid solar is no longer welcomed due to the Duck Curve problem or due to the lack of Net-Metering program.  The AC assisted off-grid CyboInverters can run electric water heaters, IAC, central A/C, pool pumps, EV chargers, and other heavy loads.
  • AC assisted off-grid solar systems to run IAC and walk-in coolers for chain restaurants to avoid demand charges, soft-drink coolers and vending machines, zone cooling with IAC for new homes, etc.
  • Small and mobile microgrids (1KW to 5KW) in remote areas to provide electrification and to run IAC, coolers, and water heaters.
  • 1KW to 5KW On/Off-Grid solar systems that can send power to the grid in the on-grid mode and send power to a water heating or run critical loads in the off-grid mode. The system can provide backup power when the grid is down with or without batteries.

CyboInverters are patented, UL1741 certified, NEMA 6 rated, and made in the USA. CyboEnergy has a patent portfolio to protect the unique multiple input channel design that enables seamless integration of DC sources including solar, battery, wind, hydro-generator, and fuel-cell. The product family also offers AC flexibility with AC assisted off-grid, on-grid, off-grid, on/off-grid, off-grid for PV heating, and dual-output off-grid CyboInverters that cover a broad range of solar applications.

The following table shows 7 types of CyboInverters and their identified special application areas.

Type US Model Special Applications
AC Assisted Off-Grid CIM-1200Na, Ya Take major loads off the grid. Run IAC, central A/C, pool pumps, EV chargers, etc.
Off-Grid for Electric
Water Heaters
CIM-1200H Off-grid PV solar water heating, area heating, and solar cooking.
Dual-Output Off-Grid CIM-1200H/N Off-grid PV water heating with backup power when grid is down, Off-grid heating and cooling. Ideal for cottage homes, cabins, RVs.
On-Grid CIM-1000A Battery-backup, Peak power shaving, BIPV.
Off-Grid CIM-1000N Battery-less Microgrids for indoor gardens and growing facilities, Mobile microgrids, Water pumping, EV and eBike charging.
On/Off-Grid CIM-1200A/N Send power to grid and have backup power when the grid is down
On/Off-Grid for Electric Water Heaters CIM-1200A/H Send extra power to the grid when the water reaches its setpoint, or have hot water when grid is down

AC Assist Off-Grid CyboInverter

It is a game-changing product that allows battery-less off-grid solar systems to start and run heavy loads 24/7 with consistent performance under DC and load variations, taking major loads off the grid and avoiding headaches of on-grid solar systems.

Off-Grid CyboInverter H Model

Instead of using batteries, why not use solar PV water heating to store energy in the form of hot water? The Off-Grid CyboInverter H model and its twin pack enable off-grid PV water heating that has a rapid growing demand. Packaged PV water heating systems with OG-300 certifications are available through CyboEnergy’s strategic partners.

Dual-Output Off-Grid CyboInverters

The Dual-Output Off-Grid CyboInverter has 2 off-grid output ports, which can run different types of AC loads. The most popular model, CIM-1200H/N, is well suited in two unique applications: (1) Off-grid PV water heating just like an H model. When the grid is down in the house, the off-grid system can be switched over to run critical AC loads through the N output port. (2) For off-grid heating, cooling, and refrigeration as shown in the graph below.

On-Grid CyboInverter

Compared with microinverters and string inverters, the On-Grid CyboInverter offers seamless integration of solar panels and batteries with its multiple input channels. A 48V lead-acid battery or a 24V to 55V Lithium battery can connect to one or multiple input channels of a CyboInverter for peak power shaving. This has become an important feature that the customers want in areas where peak time electric rates are several times higher than the rates in off-peak times. The On-Grid CyboInverters can daisy-chain with one or two On/Off-Grid CyboInverters to provide the backup power to run critical loads when the grid is down.

On/Off-Grid CyboInverters

The On/Off-Grid CyboInverters are very useful in areas where the electric grid is unstable or bad weather can take the grid down for days. They can be switched to off-grid mode automatically when the grid is down to run critical loads such as a TV, computer, refrigerator, and phone chargers. The following diagram shows an on/off-grid solar system implemented with an On/Off-Grid CyboInverter A/H model twin pack for sending power to the grid in the on-grid mode or sending power to a water heating in the off-grid mode.

Off-Grid CyboInverters

CyboEnergy offers 10 off-grid CyboInverters based on specific electrical standards to serve the global market. Most off-grid solar inverters have to take input power from batteries making the system more complex and less efficient. Off-grid CyboInverters offer a flexible, scalable, cost-effective, battery-less, or battery-enabled off-grid solar solution to meet the needs of a broad range of users, especially those living without access to grid power. The Off-Grid CyboInverter can run an IAC (Inverter-Air-Conditioner) Mini-Split or Window IAC with or without batteries.

Business Opportunity

CyboInverter's unique capabilities and features are ideal for strategic partners, private-label partners, and solar integrators to offer unique and cost-effective systems and solutions by incorporating CyboInverters as a core element for a wide range of solar and renewable energy applications including the ones listed on the table above.

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