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  In solar power systems, solar panels and inverters work together to collect solar energy and convert it into usable electricity. CyboInverter is a patented, award-winning solar power Mini-Inverter possessing key merits of both Central Inverters and Microinverters. CyboEnergy offers on-grid and off-grid CyboInverters with installations around the world. CyboEnergy received the Frost & Sullivan's 2013 Global Product Differentiation Excellence Award in Solar Inverters.

Grid-Interactive CyboInverter

Each CyboInverter has 4 input channels that can connect to four 250W-320W solar panels and produce 1150W AC peak power to the grid. Each input channel has its own MPPT to eliminate partial shading problems. Multiple CyboInverters can daisy-chain so the system is truly "plug and play". Because there is no high-voltage DC, the system is intrinsically safe and easy to install, making CyboInverters ideal for residential and commercial roof-top installations. CyboBridge is a communication gateway and router device that supports powerline communications with CyboInverters, WiFi to communicate with smart phones, and CyboPower on the Cloud for real-time monitoring.

Off-Grid CyboInverter

CyboEnergy offers 10 off-grid CyboInverters based on specific electrical standards to serve the global market, and off-grid CyboInverter H model for solar heating and cooking. Most off-grid solar inverters have to take input power from batteries making the system more complex and less efficient. Off-grid CyboInverters offer a flexible, scalable, cost-effective, battery-less, or battery-enabled off-grid solar solution to meet the needs of a broad range of users, especially those living without access to grid power.

As an example, the following drawing illustrates an off-grid CyboInverter, where Channels 1 and 2 connect to 2 solar panels and Channels 3 and 4 connect to a 36V battery set. The generated AC output can power lights, fans, TV, PC, battery chargers, and refrigerators.

A refrigerator compressor as a load may require a lot of power to start. The off-grid CyboInverter can take extra DC power from the battery and produce up to 1500W AC surge power to start the compressor. If there is sufficient DC power from the 2 solar panels, CyboInverter can keep the refrigerator running without drawing power from the battery.

Business Opportunity

CyboInverter's unique capabilities and features are ideal for solar integrators and OEM partners to offer unique and cost-effective solutions by incorporating CyboInverters as a core element. Examples include solar heating, solar cooking, solar refrigeration, microgrids, mobile solar power generators, and on-grid solar kits.

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