Off-Grid CI-Mini-1000N  
  Overview   |   Technical Data
  • Pure Sinewave AC Output
  • Smart with AC Load Protection
  • Four DC Input Channels
  • MPPT for Each Solar Panel
  • Over Discharge Protetion for 48V Lead-Acid Batteries
  • Solar or Battery Auto-Detection
  • High Efficiency and Long Life
  • For Lights, Fans, TV, PC, Battery Chargers, Refrigerators, Food Processors, Small Appliances, etc.*
  • Made in U.S.A
  Each CyboInverter (Mini-1000N) can connect to four solar panels or a 48V battery, and produce up to 1250W, 120V, 60Hz AC to power AC loads in an off-grid electrical circuit. Installation is super easy.  
CyboInverter: 4 Channel 1.2KW Off-Grid Solar Power Mini-Inverter
Part No: CI-Mini-1000N    Standalone Off-Grid Model, 120V, 60Hz AC
  *WARNING: Never connect the Off-Grid CyboInverter to the AC Grid. Doing so will damage the unit and void the warranty. Check motor voltage and current specs before attaching.  

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