Off-Grid Overview  
  Recognizing the megatrend transition from centralized power to microgrids, CyboEnergy offers 10 UL-certified off-grid CyboInverters based on specific electrical standards to serve the global market as well as the off-grid CyboInverter H model for solar heating and cooking.

Microgrids are emerging as a credible threat to the dominance of the traditional utility monopoly. Off-grid power systems were once used as a backup for blackouts, are now gaining rapid adoption from homeowners to large-operation customers for daily use. Similar to what mobile phones have done to wired phones, microgrids can also leap over traditional power grids and provide power to rural parts of the world where a billion people are living without electricity. As shown in the picture, an off-grid CyboInverter has 4 input channels to connect to 4 solar panels or battery sets and generates up to 1250W AC power. An off-grid electrical circuit can be built with the CyboInverter, a switchable AC junction box, and a power strip. This is actually a simple and useful microgrid.

Most off-grid solar inverters on the market have to take input power from batteries making the system more complex and less efficient. In our view, battery usage should be minimized because batteries are not clean tech products. The off-grid CyboInverter offers a flexible, scalable, battery-less, or battery-enabled off-grid solar power solution to meet the needs of broad-range microgrid users.

The off-grid CyboInverter has the following unique features and benefits:
  • No high-voltage or high-current DC so that it is intrinsically safe,
  • 4 input channels to connect to 4 solar panels and/or battery sets,
  • Ideal for battery-less off-grid solar systems,
  • MPPT for each solar panel to eliminate partial shading problems,
  • Well suited for integrated PV installations with flexible solar panels,
  • High quality pure sinewave AC to power sensitive loads,
  • AC load protection and abnormal load alarming,
  • Solar panel or battery auto-detection,
  • Battery over-discharge protection with low voltage disconnect (LVD),
  • Easy installation with indoor or outdoor mounting,
  • High efficiency and long life,
  • No cooling fans or noise,
  • Power production in low sunlight,
  • Compatible with both 60-cell and 72-cell solar panels, and
  • Support flexible or concentrated solar panels if they meet the input specifications.

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