Off-Grid CI-Mini-1200H
for Electrical Water Heaters
  Overview   |   Technical Data
  • Specially Designed for Powering Dual-Element Electric Water Heaters and Heating Elements
  • Reduces Electricity Bills, Avoids High Tier Rates and Quick ROI
  • Four DC Input Channels with Maximum Power Point Tracking
  • Easy Installation and Great Price
  • High Efficiency and Long Life
  • Much Easier to Install than Solar Thermal Water Heaters
  • Made in U.S.A.
  Each CyboInverter (CI-Mini-1200H) can connect to four solar panels and produce up to 1250W AC to power the lower heating element of a dual-element electric water heater with easy wiring to the heater.  
Solar Heating for Single-Element Water Heaters, Air Heaters.
Solar Cooking with Hot Plates, Cookware, etc.
Solar Heating for Baseboard Heaters, Area Heaters, etc.
Solar Heating for Electric Floor Heating Cables & Carpet.
4 Channel 1.2KW Off-Grid CyboInverter for Electric Water Heaters
Part No: CI-Mini-1200H    Standalone Off-Grid Model, 100V-240V, 50/60Hz AC

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